out, but lonely without a package

(John gill) #1

(with apologies for pre-empting the release notes, and for sounding generally impatient)

I noticed that is out (https://matrix.squiz.net/releases/vm) but a quick peruse reveals almost all the changes are related to to new plumbing to support the “Advanced Versioning” extension.

Is the versioning extension coming to https://marketplace.squiz.net/extensions ? Keen to get a better understanding of the functionality and limitations so we can push forward with it in production.

(Tbaatar) #2

Is the Advanced Versioning related to content versioning?

(John gill) #3

Yep, I’m not sure what the official terminology is.

(Bart Banda) #4

Hey John, sorry for the delay, the release notes are now published (https://matrix.squiz.net/releases/5.5/ and the Asset Version History is also now available from the Marketplace (https://marketplace.squiz.net/extensions/asset-version-history).

(John gill) #5

Thanks Bart. Sorry for the impatient nagging.

(Tbaatar) #6


I just installed following the same installation steps as the previous build on a server and it shows this message everywhere:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function fastcgi_finish_request() in /var/www/squiz_matrix/core/include/mysource.inc:6549 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: MySource->{closure}() #1 {main} thrown in /var/www/squiz_matrix/core/include/mysource.inc on line 6549

Is there additional package or step required or did I miss something?

(John gill) #7

The error reads like it’s not being run within php-fpm - are you using mod_php or something?

I would guess that they’ve added a hard requirement on FPM recently.

(Tbaatar) #8

Hi John,

No just standard installation similar to Nic Hubbard’s 10 minute installation guide with updated stack:

Debain = 9.7
Apache = 2
PHP = 7.3
Postgres = 9.6

I have this stack as Digital Ocean image and i usually use this to test newer Matrix versions and it has worked for the past year.

(John gill) #9

This guide?


It has been a while since I used Apache, but I think that guide is relying on the mod_php module rather than php-fpm which is why fastcgi_finish_request() doesn’t exist.

That line was added in, I don’t think Squiz use Apache anymore so they wouldn’t have noticed. They might fix it, or they might just officially drop support for mod_php.

I’m not a doctor, but I reckon you could just comment out that line and be fine for testing purposes. Alternatively, if you’re just testing you could run it up with docker https://github.com/cjc/composed-matrix

(Tbaatar) #10

Yes, I’ve used this guide and yes it is using mod_php. Installing php-fm7.3 doesn’t seem to do anything or it might need some configuration which I’m not aware of.

Unfortunately Squiz does not provide up to date installation manual so I’ve been stuck with Apache2.

Thanks for the Docker composer config it come useful.

(Bart Banda) #11

Yea we’ve made some changes recently where the existing Apache config doesn’t work, as we’ve moved to Nginx for all of our customer onprem and cloud installs.

I’m about to document that on the Requirements page as 5.5.6 is where it breaks. I’m also planning on working with our tech writer to get a guide written up for how to configure Nginx with Matrix, that will hopefully be up within a couple of weeks.

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Hi Bart,

This is great news.
Very much looking forward to it.

(Ed) #13


Is there an updated document that reflects this? I’m particularly stuck in the NGINX config.