5.5 UI changes - impact on Edit+ plugins

(John gill) #1

With the significant changes to the admin UI in 5.5 (looks like the frameset is gone?), and Edit+'s dependence on parts of the admin UI markup, are there any early indications on how big an impact this update might have on Edit+ plugins?

I’m thinking about things like plugins which try to modify the DOM in areas like the Metadata tab (reordering elements, adding extra UI around fields). Are there any indications of how extensive the changes have been for Squiz’s own Edit+ plugins for 5.5 compatibility?

(Bart Banda) #2

There are minimal changes to the UI that affects Edit+. There are a few here and there, but we’ve tried to keep them small in order to support custom Edit+ plugins as much as possible.
However, as I’m sure people can understand, it will virtually be impossible for us to improve the UI without changing the HTML markup at least a little bit, so unfortunately we can’t guarantee that all custom plugins will “just work”.

(John gill) #3

Thanks Bart. I would always expect the chance of minor differences, just thought there might be more sweeping changes with the big UI change.

Is there a plan to wean Edit+ off its dependence on the Admin UI? i.e replace the remaining SQ_BACKEND_PAGE uses with Javascript API operations?

(Bart Banda) #4

Not really, as that would require a massive amount of work. Long term, we’re looking to wean off the dependency on Edit+ so that you can use a more supported way of customising a simple to use editing interface. But that’s more matrix 6 stuff and none of that has been decided yet.