(Ian Hirst) #1

Matrix Version:

I’m using the Import from XML tools to update metadata values. I am passing in html using CDATA tags in the xml and it works fine except for when trying to pass any variant on a hyperlink. Example xml:

  We are working hard on building on our new website and this page will be updated soon.
  In the mean time, if you need advice please visit <a href="https://website">a website</a>

The html is there in the metadata value, but doesn’t display on the front end.
Any thoughts? I have tried escaping the characters and using html charcodes. It’s odd that tags like <p> or <h1> don’t present a problem. I suspect it’s something to do with the " but I can’t figure out exactly what. The metadata field the data is going into is a WYSIWIG field.

(John gill) #2

I haven’t done the digging to find out why, but you need to escape the = when you’re using set_metadata_value

please visit <a href\="https://website">a 

(Ian Hirst) #3

Thanks John, you’ve done it again!