Add anchor tag to link asset

(Jennifer Weiley) #1

I am creating a link asset and want to add an anchor tag but can’t figure out a way to do it, short of entering the whole url including #anchor - which is not good!

I have checked the manual but can’t find what I need.

Any ideas?

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(David Schoen) #2

I assume you mean being able to add an anchor to the URL generated when “or Asset” is in use?

Having that as a feature seems like a good idea, but in the mean time using a URL of ./?a=123#anchor should work around the issue.

(Jennifer Weiley) #3

Thank you @dschoen - yes, the URL works but I’d really prefer to use the asset number as it’s an internal link. (I should have mentioned that!)

(Pawel Masloch) #4

Hello Jennifer,

I am only guessing what it is that you are trying to achieve but as far as the anchor links go, you have two simple options:

  1. use classic html markup: <a href="" title="Your page name">Your page title</a>

  2. or use html markup with Squiz’s ref: <a href="./?a=ASSET-NR(e.g: 99999)" title="Your page name">Your page title</a>

You can copy and paste the html lines above in to any page(s) you wish, and that will enable a hyperlink for you. One thing worth noting is that asset you are point to must have an active web path (url).

You can also, create a redirect page, nest other pages with active links and of course, the link asset its self is available to your disposal as well. If you decide to use asset link then once you done filling in the details, you have to add it to the page container of your choice.

(Jennifer Weiley) #5

Thanks @GBC . What’ I’d really like is another input field to the link creator for an anchor tag in the same way as you can when creating a link in edit plus.

So with edit plus, you can enter the target asset number and the anchor tag, but you can’t do that when you are creating a link asset.

Another one for the development roadmap I think.

(Pawel Masloch) #6


Jennifer, of course you can - you can do this and much more in the back end. The edit+ is only a simplified gui…

Here is how in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create your asset link and fill in details (see image attached step#1)
  2. Nest your new asset link within any web page (see step#2)
  3. Preview the page for result (see step#3)


Step#2: Step#3:

Hope this helps.


(Bart Banda) #7

Hey Jennifer, thanks for the feedback. It’s a good feature request. I’ll add it to our roadmap’s feedback list. I’m confident we can get it in soon as it’d be a very simple feature to build.