Adding json data to metadata

(Tara Young) #1

My creating a content container template that adds geo caching to an array and then converts the array to geoJSON.

An editor is able to paste in address information and I have javascript that geocaches each address and creates a geoJSON object. I have the GeoJSON object stored in a variable.

I need to add the object to a metdata field or a file asset so that my application can consume the data.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this?

(Tara Young) #2

I thought that I would post the solution to this, in case other people are looking for it.

I created a hidden input that added the geoJSON data to the field. In the paint layout I just had the metadata field with the geoJSON data showing.

I changed the design to type=“application/json” and fed that asset straight into the mapping application.

(Altaf Khan) #3

For perfect suggestion about Json Data please go for it.

Informatica Read JSON