Archived documents publicly accessible


I’m currently cleaning up a large site with 1000s of assets and am puzzled why documents I’ve archived are still publicly accessible (Visitors not hit with login screen)?

I can see “__data” URLs are being maintained on these archived assets, which I assume attributes to this access, but how do we disable that en masse?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Matrix Version:6.34

(Matthew Harding) #2

If the public user has write permissions they will still be able to see the file even when archived. In general the public user should only have read so unless there was a reason for it being set up that why, you could cascade the permissions? Not sure if that might have issues with the archived status preventing the change though.


Thank you @mharding . Really odd behaviour but what I ended up doing (After going round in circles) was changing the asset status back to Under construction then Archived again which seemed to work :man_shrugging:

(Harinder Singh) #4

Seems like lookups update didn’t go through successfully.

When webpath or url change, system runs lookups update script. I am assuming when you did bulk status change it failed to run lookups update as a last step.

If you are still working on mass cleanup then better to send request to Squiz to run server side scripts to change statuses or bulk removal.