Backdating news item publish dates in Edit+

(Tom Stringer) #1

Hi all

Fairly regularly we get called on to backdate the “Last Published date” of “News item” assets. This is often the case when a new site is being established/migrated, and past news is being brought across.

At the moment, the only way this can be done is via the Settings screen of the Admin interface - the “last published” field isn’t available in Edit+. We’re increasingly moving away from giving users access to the backend (hence the requests for us to backdate for people).

We have a temporary fix using a metadata field to provide an override, but it’s a bit clunky.

Wondering if others have ancountered similar issues.

Is there any chance we could get that included in the Edit+ interface for News Items in a future release?

(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Tom,
Yes, I’ve heard of this being an annoyance for another user in the past. We had original thought of moving the date fields to the details screen of assets actually as they feel like they belong there more than the settings screen, however, adding them to Edit+ is probably an easier short-term option as it makes sense to give content owners the ability to change those dates manually. At least the last published date, maybe not the created date or last status changed date, but maybe that could be a config option later down the track.
I’ll put something in our feature tracker to discuss further and link to here.
In the meantime, yes, using a metadata field with a trigger to workaround it is the common approach, alternatively, you could also implement an Edit+ plugin that exposes some date fields for your users to do that via the JS API.

(Bart Banda) #3