Batch Request | JS API

(Lewis) #1

batchRequest doesn’t work when using %results_0_0_id% for example.

The code from Squiz’s own manual (see below) produces the following error, substituting a real asset ID for the getChildren function in the first array.


         "attr_val":"new short name"

Any ideas @Bart? I’ve also got this one open too.

(Bart Banda) #2

Not sure about this one either, tried to replicate it on the latest 5.5 and also get a bug. Will lodge it with the dev team to investigate further.

(Lewis) #3

Ok, cheers @Bart. Can you let me know a timescale from the dev team for this getting fixed?

(John gill) #4

Oddly, I can’t replicate this issue on either or - the example works as is.

I’d check to make sure that your JS API asset has the correct functions enabled, and has “Allow Batching Requests” enabled as well.