Batch upload files not firing asset created trigger

(Charlotte Westney) #1

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Hi everyone,
I’ve got a trigger which fires on Asset Created, conditions for Edit interface, tree location and asset type File, sets all files to live.

Just had an editor create some assets with the Batch Upload, and they didn’t go live. Assets created singularly at same location did.

Do I need another trigger event or condition so that batch uploaded files will fire the action?


(Nic Hubbard) #2

Do you see any logs mentioning that the trigger failed?

(Charlotte Westney) #3

Hi Nic!

No, can’t see any logs. Interesting I’ve changed the trigger so that’s it now not using the ‘file_create=true’ in url path, its just using the interface mode condition, and none of my editors files are going live, even ones loaded up singularly using the New Asset wizard.

I thought that the new interface mode condition was meant to make this easier?!


(Bart Banda) #4

Can you share the setup of your trigger? What are you trying to achieve? Are you wanting a trigger to run when assets are created via the Edit+ interface bulk file upload tool?

Can you also share the configuration details of your trigger?

(Charlotte Westney) #5

Hi Bart,

So my trigger is aiming to set all files and images to live status when loaded in Edit+, ideally for both single files and batch uplaoded files.

Set up is:

After Asset Built and Asset Created

Interface Mode = edit interface
Tree location - site root node
Asset is of type = pdf, image, MS Word, MS Excel

Set asset status to live

Nothings being made live at all, so there’s something wrong with that setup, but I can’t see what?

(Bart Banda) #6

You can try and delete the “Interface mode” condition as you shouldn’t need it, other than that, it should be fine. Can you try and delete that condition and tell us how you go?

(Charlotte Westney) #7

Interesting, that worked.
Is there a way to get it to work only for Edit+ though? Ideally I’d like to keep files I load via Admin as under construction.
Thanks Bart!

(Bart Banda) #8

You could try and use the interface mode condition with admin interface selected but with the “Inverse this condition” option enabled?

Alternatively, would it be better to make the condition based on the user type or user group the user is in?