Blog design - Page design for asset grouping

(Rob) #1

Hi all,

I’m creating a blog design using an asset listing which is all working fine.

Each article sits within a folder structure as per the below screen shot:

I’ve got breadcrumbs displaying on the page for each individual article which includes a link to each line of the asset tree.

When the user clicks on say August, i’d like to display just the August articles and the same for when they click on 2018. I’m sure there is a simple answer that i’m missing…I’m assuming it’ll be to do with the design being applied to the folder?


(Tbaatar) #2


You have to add Folder as Type Format (add necessary keywords) and also play around with the Min Depth/Height or Max Depth/Height of your Asset Listing.
You could also try the Dynamic Parameters with Replacement Root listing based on Current Asset ID.

(Rob) #3

Thanks Tba! I’ll give that a go and report back with how i’ve got on.

Cheers for the response :slight_smile:

(Mark Nearhos) #4

Hi Rob

You could do it with a Design Customisation, but a very simple way to make the Breadcrumbs work would be to use Asset listings instead of Folders to put the articles in. Create one for a month and then just clone it for each additional month that you need.

(Rob) #5

That’s interesting Mark! I take it there is little performance difference between having an asset listing for each month and a folder containing the assets? e.g would listing out all the assets in a year with 12 asset listings hinder the performance compared to listing out all assets in 12 folders.

(Tbaatar) #6

Hi Rob.

Depends on how many asset you are listing and how many asset listing are on the page. You could use only a single Asset Listing to list the parent/child and the group it belongs.

(John gill) #7

Runtime performance wouldn’t be much different, but when the day came that you wanted to change the layout of your blog listing page you’d be kicking yourself if you had “One Asset Listing Per Month”. 10 pts to @markn for creative problem solving though :laughing:

I think the “textbook” solution would be:

  • Create a new Paint Layout
  • Add a Type specific format to the paint layout for “Folder”
  • In that folder specific format, have a Nest Content container that nests your Asset Listing #212589
  • Apply the Paint Layout to Mayoral Articles #212615 (as “new” not “override” to make sure descendants pick it up too)
  • Make sure the Asset Listing as a dynamic root parameter set to … I think %frontend_asset_assetid% (assuming you’re on > That way the asset listing will use the current page as the root when selecting which assets to list (I think %globals_asset_assetid% is MOSTLY the same thing but there are some edge cases where they diverge)

(Rob) #8

John, apologies for the late reply, things have been a bit hectic! I’m literally about to start building a digital services blog so I will be using this method and share how it went :slight_smile: Thank you!

(Rob) #9

Just a quick update on this - John, your method worked like an absolute charm! I created a dynamic asset listing and nested the listing inside a paint layout. When the user clicks on the breadcrumb folder it only displays the child elements that are listed below that folder.