Bulk create users from CSV

(Mitch Kerry) #1

Hi there

Is there a way to bulk import users from a CSV file and to add values to metadata?

I have around 1500 users to add.


(Bart Banda) #2

There’s no OTTB tool for it in Admin, but you could write a script to do it via the CLI or alternatively do some custom imp on the frontend using JS and the JS API?

(Mitch Kerry) #3

Thanks @Bart…I’ll try a custom JS API import

(Benjamin Cardenas) #4

In case it helps you (or someone else) I use the Export/Import from XML tools to bulk create users and that includes adding metadata to each user. I use Excel VBA to build the final XML since it’s the scripting I know best. But anything that can cobble together XML from a tabular source file should do the trick.