Centralised environment config


Hi all,

We’ve got a complex little bundle of assets that I’ve just migrated from our UAT to Prod environment using the Export / Import Assets From XML Tool.

Unfortunately there are numerous attributes to update around the place relating to the change in environment, eg:

  • 3rd party URLs in Call REST Resource submission actions
  • API Keys in authorisation headers in REST Resource assets
  • Certificate strings in SSJS content containers
  • etc

Is there any sort of best practice approach to centralising all this config this in Squiz? Ideally in a way where I could deploy the same bundle of assets to both environments and it would use the appropriate environment config.

My initial thought is to use a standard page with some SSJS to serve up a config value:

… but will such a keyword replacement even work in fields like authorisation header? Or in other SSJS code blocks? And will it be horrible for performance?

Hoping others have already crossed this bridge and have some sage advice for me :slight_smile: