Change hostname from

(Maneesh Prakash) #1

I have installed the 5.4 VM and want to change the host name to something else. I am guessing this gets done in the webserver config. I am not sure what web server is used and what the location of the config files are. Has anyone manage to change the VM hostname?


(Bart Banda) #2

To change the vm itself you need to edit


and reboot after that, although not strictly necessary though. You
could just run:


and obviously fill it in with the right domain name.

If you want to change matrix, you don’t need to touch openresty or
anything else.

Just add the new domain to /var/www/matrix/data/private/conf/
and adjust all the urls like normal.

Hope that helps.

(Maneesh Prakash) #3

Hi Bart,

Thank for that info. I have been able to change the hostname on the server and in matrix. I did forget to ask if you knew how I can add a listen port such as 8080.

Thanks again.

(Maneesh Prakash) #4

I think I found it


add line :
listen 8085;