Checking links to a specific standard page asset

(Innes Zenati) #1

Matrix Version:6.35.0

Hey everyone, is there an easy way to check what other assets are linking to a specific standard page asset?? I have tried the report generator on references under linking but nothing.

Any ideas?

(Kieran) #2

Hey mate, if you’ve clicked “Generate” on that page and arent getting anything, perhaps nothing inside Matrix is linking to it?
I’m not sure if it only works on Matrix asset references (./?a=1234) or also absolute URLs, but you should always try and be using the former.

You could check Google Analytics, so see if there’s external sources shooting people to that particular URL?

(Innes Zenati) #3

Hey Kieran, thanks for the reply and suggestions. No results from generate but we are sure there are links to this page… I will give GA a try and will hopefully help. We always try to use matrix reference links too.