Clearing a Git Bridge

(Chris Horikx) #1

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Hi All, I’m wondering if there’s a way to clear the files in a Git Bridge. We have a private repository we do not want to be publicly accessible so we are using the Git Bridge and File Bridge Import tool so that we can apply permissions to the assets rather rather than loading directly from the Git Bridge.

I have tried to set some data so that it errors in cloning the files but the old files remain in the git bridge and also publicly accessible.

I’d prefer to not have to completely create and then delete the Git Bridge everytime I want to just update the files

(Bart Banda) #2

You could simply try and set the sub-directory to a path that doesn’t have any files or any sensitive files and then doing and update?

Alternatively, you could also point it at a specific branch perhaps that you commit an empty folder structure to?

(Chris Horikx) #3

Thanks Bart,

Unfortunately I don’t have access to alter this repo, but you are right, I can at least set it to a meaningless directory