Component Template tab limit

(Mitch Kerry) #1

Matrix 6.17.1

I have a number of component templates that use tabs for UI, but if I have more that 40 tabs any further fields will not save.

Is there a limit to the amount of fields that can be saved when using components?

Thanks Mitch

(Mitch Kerry) #2

Further to this one.

In version 6.22.1, I’m getting a warning:

Warning: This page contains a very large number of components. This will potentially prevent changes saving correctly. Please remove some components, or contact your site administrator for more information.

I have 5 template components on the page and 7 overall. I had to combine some as the page would not save.

Does anyone know the limit of component templates that can be used?

I have built our system around these as I thought there was no limit and they are very useful