Container Permission v Content Template Permission


Hi all

I want to simply check the permission issue we having with content template and to check if it’s fixed by latest version

We have introduced content templates into our website, however due to the access and setup
We usually have several containers within one page each has different read permission setup for different user groups, it works ok where only contents nested within the container.

When we start using content template, the read permission on paint layout in the template overrides the container permission, so regardless of the container permission, the template will always show since its public readable, and to solve this we would need to create multiple templates each with a different read permission on the paint layout which is a pain to maintain and use.

We are wondering if this is a bug or if it has been fixed by latest version
Or if we have better way of doing this?

We would imagine the container read permission should overrides the template since the template is nested within.

Many thanks

(John gill) #2

I think I’ve replicated what you’re talking about on, it doesn’t appear to have changed.

The short version is that CCTs are able to expose the values of Metadata fields on assets that you don’t have read permission on. It doesn’t seem to be able to expose the html contents of the container, just the MD fields, but for many CCTs all the content is in MD anyway.

Containers-with-different-permissions-in-one-page is one of those things in Matrix that works until it doesn’t. I’d strongly suggest never trying to give dependent assets different permissions or statuses.

It would be safer to set up your page with Nest Content Containers which nest whole Standard Page assets, and then set the permissions as required on those pages. A few more assets, but easier to reason about, and avoids the CCT-permission-violation issue.