CSV Data Source Record Set Date Issue

(Lewis) #1

Matrix version

Just speaking to @Bart as we’re having a problem retrieving data from a CSV Data Source Record Set. The date is imported correctly - 25/06/2020 for example but when we use %ds__date% nothing comes through.

We’re running PHP v7.3

(Hugh McMaster) #2

Try formatting your dates in the CSV file as YYYY-MM-DD. They should parse correctly, and you can format them on the frontend using keyword modifiers.

(Lewis) #3

Thanks @hmcmaster. Certainly look at that. I believe the list is generated from another platform and saved into Excel initially so it would be good to find a ‘direct’ solution - a situation where the list could be used directly, straight from a fresh export.

(Lewis) #4

Thanks @hmcmaster. Just tried switching the format around so it’s mm/dd/yyyy and it works! @Bart would still be good to know that it doesn’t matter - it’s all just imported as text, for example if that makes sense.