Custom form nested in content container - caching issue

(paul walker) #1

Hi Folks
Using a paint layout I have nested a custom for into a content container - this generates the following error:
Warning: You are nesting in a form based asset. This can cause issues if caching is enabled. Please ensure caching settings are properly configured.
If /_recache is used on the page URL the form functions as required.
However, if /_recahe is not included in the url the form remains blank when the user clicks the submit button.
I am not a site admin and do not control the way the caching works so was wondering is anyone knows of some wizardry to address this issue
Thank you

(paul walker) #2

I set the form to return to itself thus avoiding the caching issue. In the thank you page I directed it back to the referring page and include /_recahe to clear the form
Seems to work

(Nick Papadatos) #3

Hey Paul - that’s exactly what I was going to recommend. Something we encountered in the past whenever nesting as custom form was required.

(Harinder Singh) #4

Hi Paul, You can send a request to the site admins to disable the cache for custom forms completely from the Cache Manager. Custom Forms should not be recached.