Data metadata default value

(danny) #1


Anyone got any ideas how the default value of the date metadata value is generated? At the moment we set the date default value to be 2000-01-01, when I output it using the %asset_metadata_date% I get the default value but when I append the date format keyword modifier after it (%asset_metadata_date^date_format:y-m-d%) I get entirely different date value and it not the creation date, publish date or last publish date.



(John gill) #2

Not very helpful, but I’m unable to replicate this issue on It is certainly not expected behaviour.

Default values are handled differently to explicitly set values, but not in a way which should be able to cause the issue you’re seeing. It’d still be worth setting the date explicitly and seeing if that changes the behaviour of the keyword modifier.

(danny) #3

Hey John,
We are on v5.5.3.3. When we explicitly set the date the expected date is outputted with or without using the keyword modifier date_format.
It causing a few problem with ordering our news articles as we use this field to override the publish date on the news asset. It seem like a bug on our system I will probably raise it with our account manager.

Thanks for the help!