Database options when you haven't built a database

(Jennifer Weiley) #1

I have a list of about 1,000 suppliers: name, address, phone number and list of services offered from a list of about 8 options.

At the moment I have:

  • grouped them into regions (each page is a region)

  • used accordions for each town and

  • within each town listed the suppliers with heading style for the name and then body text for the rest.

It’s horrible!

I was thinking I could create a record for each listing but then not sure how to group these into a database display. I think this is a custom build.

Any other thoughts on how I can better display and provide a reasonable search experience before we embark on a custom build? Plug ins? csv file?

[Squiz Matrix v5.4.0.1]

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #2

There is a csv data source - - which creates shadow assets and you can point asset listing / search assets to display.

We have several. One of them frequently generates warnings in the logs because there’s too many records - and causes the occasional server error as well.

(Jennifer Weiley) #3

Thanks @Douglas, I understand that we’ve had similar issues with csv files that frequently break as well.

I would love something like a SharePoint custom list in Squiz Matrix for building simple databases. It’s a common requirement for us.

I’ll also have a hunt around to see if there is something else we have in our technology stack that we could build and plug in.