Denied Schemas Meaning

(Lewis) #1


Any idea why the metadata schema I’ve applied using the SOAP Metadata service appears under ‘Denied Schemas’ in the Schemas screen.

Here’s the process:

  1. Custom form submission
  2. SOAP call to create asset using CreateAsset service
  3. SOAP call to update permissions on newly created asset using SetPermission service
  4. SOAP call to SetMetadataSchema service

I’ve double checked the SOAP username and password and the permissions are successfully applied as each asset is created.

Manually attempting to set the schema on the asset using just the final action above (call to SetMetadataSchema action) returns with “Unable to set Metadata Schema on Asset” error.

The schema appears on the Schema screen of the asset but sits under ‘Denied Schemas’. There’s no reference to ‘Denied Schemas’ anywhere in the manual.

As I understand it, you have to set admin permissions on an asset before you can apply a metadata schema, hence the third SOAP call above.

Any ideas?