Export reports to csv

(Vani Ganapa) #1

Squiz Matrix v5.4.5.1

I created a Structured Asset Report asset and the documentation talks about the ability to export generated report into CSV file. However I couldn’t find the ‘Download File’ button in ‘Reports’ screen.

(John gill) #2

Looks like bad docs, grepping the code ( it seems that only report_links and report_contexts have any kind of export. No other report contains the words ‘export’ or ‘download’ or ‘csv’.

(David Schoen) #3

For what it’s worth the top of the linked page does say:

Not all functionality listed here is available to all reports, but where it is available it works the same no matter what type of report you are using.

but it’s easy to miss and not obvious which bits are missing.

@vani.ganapa John is correct that the Structured Asset Report doesn’t have the options to export the report as either XML or CSV.

(Vani Ganapa) #4

Sure. Yeah I find it difficult to understand what doesn’t apply to which component. Thanks for confirming.