Feature Request: Redirects on Future Status

(Lewis) #1

Hi. Can we have a redirect option on the Future Status dropdown on the Details screen?

We run a lot of public consultations and it would be great if, once a consultation is over, we could have it automatically redirect to a standard ‘Sorry, this consultation is now closed’ page.

(TT) #2

That would be a nice feature.

For now you could setup a trigger to do the same thing either remapping it via a status change, or perhaps adding in a new date metadata field and using that so when that date passes, it changes the paint layout to a ‘consultation passed’ template? Depends on if you delete those pages often etc.

(Iain Simmons) #3

I would suggest just having a conditional keyword in your paint layout.

    Sorry, this consultation is now closed
    %globals_asset_contents_raw:12345% where 12345 is your consultation closed page

(Lewis) #4

Thanks for you suggestions @ttrodd and @isimmons!