Form Calendar Field


Hi all, just checking is there a way to convert the calendar field in a form to a pop up calendar style instead of the current drop down or text?
I understand it might require bit of javascript/css, anyone with exsiting setup/solution suggestion would great!
thanks in advance


I have used input type=“date” it catually works however it’s not displaying the date on the email received, wondering what happened, cheers all


here is the code I have used for body content, did i miss anything because I set the email body as %form_summary% but this input doesn’t have the %question_field_xxxxx_q1%



sorry here is the code

<label class="sq-form-question-title">Date</label>
<div class="sq-form-question-answer">
<input type="date" min="%globals_date%" value="true">

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Do you mean like this

If so then add a form question - text and use the Input type drop down and change to Date. I have used this and the field appears in the email although I do use %response_XXXXXX_q1%in the email