Form keyword for Email


Hi All

I am trying to get the email to send certain sections of the form
the keyword I have used is %section_summary_708252% but it’s not working

%section_summary_708252% is the only wording i am getting for the email instead of the actual section summary, did I do it wrong?



(Michael Wilson) #2

Hi Sean,

Looking at the manual,, I don’t see a keyword replacement for section summary. If you only want to see the responses for some sections you might need to manually add each question using %response_<parent_id>_<question_id>% and group them under each section title using %section_title_<parent_id>%

Unless someone can advise otherwise.



thanks Michael
please find link here
where it says:

%section_summary_{section_asset_id}% The summary of a specific form section.

is this correct?

(Michael Wilson) #4

Hmm I didn’t realise there was that page, seems a little different to the page I linked to.

Anyway, I tried out %section_summary_{section_asset_id}% on our system (Matrix v5.5.2.1) and it worked fine. I saw the section summary on the thank you page and in the submission email.

Is “708252” definitely the ID of your Form Section asset? Make sure you are not using the ID of your Form Contents asset. Maybe you could post a screenshot of your asset tree?


thanks Michael

the id is defintely the section ID not the content ID however I am using so not sure if this is the case



(Michael Wilson) #6

Ah OK. Using the “My Version” toggle on the manual page reveals that the keyword replacement you are using was added in Matrix v5.4.2.2.


thanks for this, i guess the best solution for me is to have generic content setup or insert each response individually, cheers