Front-end caching

(Nic Hubbard) #1

Matrix Version:

In the past we had used Squid for caching our website. However after moving to a new server a few years back we don’t have that installed anymore.

Does Matrix still support Squid? If not, what is the recommended caching proxy?

(David Schoen) #2

Squid’s still fine and probably simplest if you’re not getting us to manage it.

We have used Varnish a bit on some sites, but mostly we are moving to Edge / Matrix Accelerator Cache which are built around . All 3 allow ESIs for caching components across multiple pages (e.g if the menu, footer or other components are the same HTML across many pages they can be rendered once for many page renders). Matrix Accelerator Cache allows permission caching at the proxy.

(Nic Hubbard) #3

Are there any guides to getting Squid to work with Matrix? In the past Squiz Support set it up for us but I am hoping to do that myself this time.