How to do Asset Grouping in an Asset Listing to show the tree


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Can someone please tell me what combinations of settings I need on an Asset listing to have it display as a tree, like the assets do in the admin?

I just want to display all the direct children of the root node, with their direct children displayed underneath, and then their children in a nested list.

I feel like this should be really basic… select asset group, group by parent, for as many levels as I need, but no matter what combination of settings I try it comes out wrong or nothing displays at all.

(Nic Hubbard) #2

Have you looked at the site map asset?

(John gill) #3

Site map asset is definitely worth a look as Nic says, although the limitations are a bit grating so in the past I haven’t ended up using it for much.

To the best of my knowledge the “Asset Grouping” cannot do what you want. The least-bad approach I have found is to use an ungrouped Asset Listing Page with “Asset Map” sort order, include the %asset_linking_lineage% keyword for each item, then use that information on the client side to handle the indentation to make it “tree-like”.

(Bart Banda) #4

If you are after a tree like structure then definitely a site map asset could be used.
Alternatively you could use a nested asset listing into the type format of another asset listing and enable the asset map sorting option on the sorting screen and then select to sort by that:



Well, that explains why I haven’t been able to get it to work at least.

Sounds like I can get it to do what I want though with these techniques. Thanks guys :slight_smile: