How to get BPoint receipt number after a custom form is submitted

(Kerry Huang) #1

Matrix Version: v5.5.6.4

I have an Asset Listing which lists a Form Submission. This form has a payment component - BPoint payment gateway. (We had REST Resource (to generate receipt no, authKey…etc) set up for us by someone from Squiz).

This Asset listing needs to include Bpoint receipt no, because we need it for Finance/accounting reconciliation. The problem here is BPoint receipt is generated ‘after’ the form has been submitted, I am not sure how to get the Receipt No in the submission log?

I have tried to use %globals_get_receipt% in my Asset Listing default format, but it doesn’t return any value.

Is there a way to get the receipt no from URL (e.g. or any other way to get the receipt no for each submission?

Thank you.

(Iain Simmons) #2

This sounds like a fairly specific implementation. The payment gateway should be creating another type of asset for each payment, and hopefully would contain a field that can be matched up with the form submission.

You may need to go back to Squiz Support to put in a formal service request.

(Kerry Huang) #3

Thanks very much Iain.