How to join files from two folders with asset listing?


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I have two folders, one it’s for PDFs and the other is for MS Words.
Both of them have the same filenames except the extension (.pdf and .docx)
How to use asset listing to list them into a single table like the following?

2021 (%group_name% of parent folder)
|Name | PDF (%gourp_name% of PDF) | MS Word (%group_name% of MS Word) |
|July | 07.pdf (%asset_file_size_readable%) | 07.docx (%asset_file_size_readable%) |
|June | 06.pdf (%asset_file_size_readable%) | 06.docx (%asset_file_size_readable%) |


Forgot to mention. Currently we are using Metadata Values: “Alternate Version” for PDFs to link the Word.
Because we have a large amount of documents, by doing this is very inefficient.
Is it possible to avoid this?

(Iain Simmons) #3

Perhaps if you add another level of custom grouping and use a date metadata field that would correspond to the month? Then that group would contain two results, one PDF and one Word doc, you could add some sorting within the group so that it always lists the PDF first.