How to move any page in edit mode

(Varun Pandey) #1


I have some menu of pages, now I want to move the position of pages, from admin mode there is option Hold mouse and move the pages but on the edit mode it is not possible.

Please help me to get it done by edit mode.

(Harinder Singh) #2

Which Matrix version you are on? In Matrix 6, they already discarded edit Plus and enhance the user interface in admin mode.

In Matrix 5 Edit+ mode, on the Linking screen, you can create a new link in the new location and delete the link from the current location which will give you a similar moving effect.

If you wish to reorder the position under the same parent asset, then you can reorder it from the parent asset’s linking screen where you will get a list of child assets to reorder.

(Varun Pandey) #3

I am using Matrix 5+, from admin mode we can move any asset using move. but I was not able to find in edit mode
Thanks reordering I was looking for, and I can do it in edit mode. Simple
Thanks again