Ldap users and editing history



Hi teams,

We have LDAP users linked in to Matrix user groups to manage our editors and have been running this for quite some time. I have checked the older posts on LDAP users. Thank you.

We know that is very difficult to be able to see when users have last accessed the system - without having to check matrix logs.

We run site reports (just listings) and see when a user has accessed an asset over a site, but what I really would like is just a date account of when a user has attempted to access edit or admin on anything anything that is recorded against their user. ( we have a heap of users and want to be able to see if they have been accessing the system )

I notice you can apply metadata schema to the users and the users groups. So I was wondering if anyone has users triggers and schema to just populate a field to show when a user has accessed the system at any time. Then this field it updates the date they have accessed.

At the moment it is very manual and if anyone has anyway for reporting on their LDAP users easily. I would lovvvve to hear.

Thank you

(Bart Banda) #2

If you are mainly after front-end access, then a frontend analytics tools sounds like what you are after.

Other than that, you would have to rely on a metadata field and a trigger to update it with the ID of the user each time they make an edit to it for easy reporting unfortunately.