Linking not shown for image assets in CTA container

(Jennifer Weiley) #1

I am cleaning up unused and large images on our intranet (Workplace). However, if an image is referenced in a call-to-action container, the relationship doesn’t appear in the linking screen for the image.

I came close to deleting assets that are in use because the linking screen didn’t list any assets.

Is there some other way I could check whether an asset is in use when it’s being used by non-standard containers?

[Squiz Matrix v5.4.2.2]

(John gill) #2

Some discussion here, but as far as I can tell this feature still hasn’t landed and doesn’t have an ETA.

If the image is stored in a Related Asset Metadata Field as part of a Content Template, then you can find uses with a carefully crafted Search Page. If the image is just referenced in a WYSIWYG Metadata Field then that won’t work.

(Jennifer Weiley) #3

Thanks @JohnGill. I am also wondering if a Funnelback audit might be able to reveal dependencies. I have only started to dabble so not aware of the various tools that could be applied, such as internal linking.

Good to see that this requirement is on Bart’s radar.