Linking to frontend URL from editing interface

(Tom Stringer) #1

I’m trying to link to the frontend URL of an asset I’m currently editing from within the Edit+ interface (for Reasons), but the keyword combinations I’m trying don’t want to work.

I have a Content Container Template on a page ( That CCT includes a metadata field with a description that is shown in the editing interface, which is where I’m trying to add this link.

So in that metadata description field, viewing it from I’ve tried %asset_url% and ./?a=%asset_assetid%, but in each case, the result is weird.

%asset_url% returns and ./?a=%asset_assetid% returns

Can anyone help?

(Tom Stringer) #2

Found the answer ourselves! Thank you @woowoowoo

<a href="./">Link</a> does exactly what I need (in case anyone is looking for a solution).

(Harinder Singh) #3

Just curious to know if you have tried Frontend Asset Keywords?


(Tom Stringer) #4

Yep, gave that a try - same issue.