Making assets live when uploaded


**Matrix Version: v5.4.0.3

Is there any way to make PDF and image assets “live” when they are uploaded by an Admin user, rather than having to go through the “Under Construction” make “Live” process?

(Tbaatar) #2

You can make the assets live by Trigger.

  • Create an event for asset created
  • Create condition based on asset type
  • Set Status as the action.

(TT) #3

Yep we set images live made by admins using the below:

Event: asset created


  1. interface mode = admin
  2. tree location = images folder
  3. Asset is of type = image

Action: Set status (Live) ignore permissions.

You can use the same trigger for PDF’s. Just add PDF to the asset is of type field and add the PDF parent folder to the tree location.