Matrix 6 Docs Released

(Tbaatar) #1

With the release of Matrix 6 docs site, is it safe to presume Matrix 6 will be available for download before the end of the year? and will this release be available to the public via VM and as downloadable version to host on own server?


(Tbaatar) #2

Looks like end of Open Source for Squiz Matrix 6 CMS.

(John gill) #3

That’s fairly sad, most of my understanding of the platform is derived from the ability to inspect the source and run test instances.

Not entirely surprising, but I do wonder what the driver is because it was already impossible to run a Matrix site without a Squiz contract - the lack of upgrade scripts meant that it was defacto “source available” rather than “open source”.

I do hope they retain some manner of source availability, otherwise it starts to become an unaccountable blackbox which is a much harder thing to trust.

(Bart Banda) #4

Hey guys, the information provided in that slido response was incorrect. Matrix 6 will still have an open source release, just not this month. Our priorities are our SaaS release and dedicated hosting release of it, with the open source version following after that. We have plans to release it similar to how we have released M5 open source versions.
Apologies for the confusion.

(John gill) #5

Thanks Bart.

I apologise on behalf of the “just gimme the damn code” crowd, I realise we must be annoying but deep down it’s a compliment so I hope it doesn’t get too intolerable :joy:

(Bart Banda) #6

All good John, the “just gimme the damn code” crowd is extremely important to Matrix, which is why we want to continue supplying an open source version. Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

(Steven Kent) #7

Hmmmm…so, still possibly this calendar year? :neutral_face:

(Bart Banda) #8

Possibly, yes, but can’t give any guarantees at this stage…

(John gill) #9

Any update on this thread? Have been following the release notes at and we’re keen to get a hands on to start planning for the transition.

(Tbaatar) #10

Hi Bart,

Do you have a rough estimate as to when it will be released? It seems we have gone backwards again like the time when v5 was released and the public repo was pulled until v5.4.

I hope we’ll see the public release soon and keep this forums going for the next decade.


(Bart Banda) #11

Hey guys, sorry, not update as yet. We just have too many competing priorities at the moment to be able to schedule this in right now. We’ll look to have it available in the next couple of months.

(Boris) #12

Thanks for the update Bart, looking forward to the release.