Matrix 6 Docs Released

(Tbaatar) #21

Hi John,

I just visit the website and forums every day for hot gossips and good news :sweat_smile:

Many thanks for the instructions, I will give it a go when I get some free time this weekend. I have always used Apache therefore most likely I will run into various issues.

Hopefully, the installation documentation will be updated with the recommended stack.


(Tbaatar) #22

Hi @Bart ,

The link for Matrix 6.15.0 VM does not have public permission.


(John gill) #23

As an interim solution

(Tyson Adams) #24

Hi @tbaatar,

Apologies for the permission issue on the VM. I have updated this to be Public so you should be able to download it now.

I suspect that it will require some of the similar install setup as the tar file, but we are looking into this soon and will solve it either by documentation or pre-composing the configuration for the VM.


(Tbaatar) #25

Hi Tyson,

Thanks for fixing the permission issue.

(Tbaatar) #26

When loading the VM through VirtualBox the UI is broken and it doesn’t work.
Does the VM image require anything additional?


(A Maskell) #27

Checking the asset map shows that there are no site assets and structure.
This leads to console errors as dependencies can’t load.
I’d suggest the ova image needs to be redone.

(Bart Banda) #28

Sorry guys, yeah we’ve identified some issues with it. We’ll be working on getting a new version out soon.