Matrix 6 linking screen reference report is slow


Matrix Version: 6

The new linking screen reference report has been trying to generate a report on an asset for the last 15 minutes. Is this normal? And is this going to be the case for every asset?

I’ve given up and gone back to the old screen as I can’t wait any longer.

(Mel Freeman) #2

This is my experience too. Product suggestion: allow a batch request that can be scheduled with a root node.

(Mel Freeman) #3

Updated suggestion.

It could work like the find and replace tool. Select asset type, asset status and root node to generate linking tables.


6.33, we have encountered assets where the reference report fails with no indication that it has (so it appears to be still running, slowly). You may see an error in the browser console when this happens.
The ‘old experience’ accessible via the cog in the sidebar still works in these instances.
Squiz are aware (resolved as Workaround / Known bug)