Matrix Notice Trigger Action Failed notice

(Robert Cooper) #1

Matrix Version:
I’m getting a series of Matrix notices when saving an update to a form’s ‘Thank You’ page.

Trigger Action: trigger_action_purge_squid_cache Failed, but was not required. Trigger continues

It doesn’t seem to affect successfully saving the asset, but I’m wondering if anyone knows what is causing it to come up in the first place?


(Iain Simmons) #2

Hi Robert,

It’s common for Squiz Matrix systems to have a global trigger that will clear the cache on the URL of an asset after it has been updated. These triggers would normally be configured to be non-blocking and non-critical, which is why it says that it was not required and continued.

I’m not sure why this one would be failing, but it might be because the Thank You bodycopy asset doesn’t have its own URL.

It should be safe to ignore, though the only other thing to check is if the Global Preference Hide Errors on the Frontend is set to Yes. Are you modifying the page in Edit+ or Admin?

– iain

(Robert Cooper) #3

Hi iain,
I’m using Admin.
I’ll check the Global Preferences as you suggest.
Yes, Hide Errors is set to ‘Yes’.