Metadata field friendly name keyword?

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #1

Matrix Version:

Similar to something I asked back in 2016 with Metadata field description keyword?

Have an asset listing listing sections of a metadata schema, with a child listing which lists the fields in each section displaying the metadata field name and a generated keyword value for editors to copy and paste.

Looking to display the friendly name as well but can’t easily identify the keyword I need. suggests there might have been a keyword but is about something completely different suggesting that the links are all a bit manky.

%globals_asset_attribute_description:1234% as suggested by Bart back in 2016 doesn’t return anything.

%asset_data_attributes^index:friendly_name^index:value% will return what I’m after - but is their a friendlier keyword for the metadata field friendly name?

(John gill) #2

Nope, %asset_data_attributes^index:friendly_name^index:value% is the way to go.