Metadata field (related asset) and image variety

(Edinkin) #1

Hi all,

We have created a content container to handle an image insertion. We used related asset field type to pick an image in a tree which works fine, however we are not able to select a variety of that image. The asset type of the field is restricted to image and file, we do have inheritance turned on for both types.

Is this a normal behavior or is it a bug?

(Harinder Singh) #2

In Asset types tree, you will find Image varieties do not fall under Image type assets. So, the inheritance will not work.

It will only work if you don’t restrict to any asset type.

If you always intend to select image variety in the content container then you can select image and in your SSJS, just use keyword to show image variety.

(Edinkin) #3

You absolutely right! Thanks

P.S. I do think it’s a bug though because variety is still an image and should inherit from image type.

(Aleks Bochniak) #4

You can still allow the user to select the image asset, and in your template use ^as_asset keyword modifier with image variety keywords to display the image variety you want

(Edinkin) #5

Thanks Aleks, in our case this isn’t driven by template and varieties are not automatically created.