Morphing metadata types

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #1

Matrix Version:

Morphing Metadata Fields in the manuals discusses morphing metadat fields from one type to another.

Is there a diagram or list of which types can be morphed to which?

I have a multiple text field that’s not showing any options, and ideally I’d prefer it as a WYSIWYG, but if I have to create a new field and copy across the old data would prefer to know before I start growing the assets that are using the metadata schema.

(Dan Graver) #2

Morphing between metadata types is done via the Settings screen on the metadata field, for when you’re changing from one metadata field type to another (ie, Text to Select, or Text to WYSIWYG). You can morph to any type, but the data may be changed in the process.

You may not be seeing any options under the Details screen for your field because that’s where you can change between the metadata types for that type, (ie Text Field, Text Area, or Multiple Text Field, which are all Text).

There is no diagram I can find, but as mentioned you can morph to any type, with varying results. It would be best to morph when you have few or no assets using that Metadata Schema and Field.

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #3

What the settings screen for a multiple text field is showing me is:

" No types are available to morph this asset into"

which seems odd as I would think that the difference between a multiple text field and a WYSIWYG field isn’t such that you shouldn’t be able to morph in that direction.

There aren’t that many assets using the schema, I can copy the existing field to a new field easily enough for now.