Multiple page form with custom coding

(paul walker) #1

Hi Folks
I know using the keyword %current_page_contents% will create separate pages per section but how do i create a multi-page form when using custom coding - see example below

%question_label_647014_q1% %question_field_647014_q1% %begin_question_error_647014_q1%
%question_label_647014_q4% %question_field_647014_q4% %begin_question_error_647014_q4%


%question_label_647014_q2% %question_field_647014_q2% %begin_question_error_647014_q2%
%question_label_647014_q3% %question_field_647014_q3% %begin_question_error_647014_q3%

thank you in anticipation

(Dave Oakley) #2

Hi Paul, I’ll ask the team to see what they know.

(paul walker) #3

Cheers Dave :slight_smile:

(Harinder Singh) #4

You might want to use “Materialize Stepper” for your requirement. It will convert single page form into multisteps form

(Iain Simmons) #5

Hi @paul,

You can customise the format of each “Section” / Page of the form individually via the Customise Format? option on the Details screen of the Form Section assets.

So your custom format would use those keywords and then the main Page Contents would just use %current_page_contents% and any surrounding markup that is used on all pages.

Hope that helps,

(Dave Oakley) #6

I asked Foy and he agrees with Ian (below) if you get stuck give me a shout.

(paul walker) #7

Thanks folks - was confused for a while as did not realise you can create a bodycopy for each section. Thank you all for your assistance