Pagination unwanted scroll to top of page


Matrix Version:

I have an issue with pagination scrolling to the top of the page when click on either Previous, Next or any page number.

The list I have created, lives at the bottom of a long page and it poor web practice to make customers scroll every time they click on the options.

Is there a way to stop the scrolling?

Cheers, Trina

(Byrne) #2

Add an ID tag to a heading above where you would like the page to return.

if your using an asset listing the div could be…
<div > <h3 id="heading-list">My heading </h3> %asset_listing% </div>

you can add the hash to the URL
All browsers will recognise this.

you may need to build the Pagination links in the asset listing rather than using the default keywords
rather than %next_page%
you would :
<a href="%next_page_href%#heading-list" > Next </a >

You you get unexpected results the next step would be to add Javascript to update the page scroll based on the url.