Paint Layout not fully cascading

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I have a paint layout applied to parent root that should cascade (inherit) to about 150 child assets (or 1645+ children), however when updating it with new paint layout it randomly skips some of the assets which results in some child assets with older paint layout. There is no override on these child assets.

What could cause this effect?
Does paint layout have limitation on the number of asset or content blocks it can apply the paint layout?


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Paint Layouts are inherited based on URL, not the same way that things like Metadata Schemas and Workflow Schemas are cascaded and inherited. If child assets aren’t getting the right paint layout, they might be linked somewhere where the other URL takes priority and has a different PL applied? Do all those child assets also have URLs applied?

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Hi Bart, thanks for info.

Currently all child pages has the same URL (both HTTP / HTTPS) and some of the child pages has number of remaps. I’m not sure if the redirects cause issues with PL cascading.

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Remaps shouldn’t have any affect at all.

Try going down the tree path from a place where the Paint Layout is applied, then keep going down the child path until you hit a page where the PL isn’t applied, on that asset, check it’s web paths screen, if all good, acquire locks, and hit save to regenerate the linking information, then see if the PL is applied after that.

Also, could you share a screen shot of a parent asset that has the PL applied correctly (screenshot of it’s PL screen) and a screenshot of a child asset that doesn’t have them applied correctly?

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Hi Bart,

Here is the parent page with Paint Layout set. Don’t worry about the override as the parent page has different layout then the child product pages.

This child page inherited the PL automatically

This child had PL set manually.

This child page still has the old PL and requires manual intervention. I have tried regenerating the linking information and it doesn’t work.

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Looks like the mekong-delta-tour page has had #28372 unnecessarily set as its paint layout (since it doesn’t say it’s inherited) which it never needed (because it would have inherited the same PL off the parent). Nobody would have noticed because it behaved just like it would have without a PL set. You’ll need to unset that PL to let the new one inherit.

If you want to dig into when it was set (or by who), PL changes don’t get their own log entry but they do cause a “Lookups Updated” entry so if you look through the logs for that you might be able to work out when it happened.

And of course it’s probably set on others, so the Usage screen on #28372 should tell you which other assets need fixing.

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Hi John,

The Mekong Delta page has the old PL it was set last year from the parent Trips page. We’ve tried to set the new PL products 2019 the same way but some assets inherit the PL and some don’t.

Changing the PL to the new is not a problem I just want to get a clear understanding as to why it did not set autoamatically so we can avoid having to manually set it in the future.

As for lookups updated, it doesn’t really help us. We know all Asia products were added/updated with the old PL around Dec 13 and 14. In Jan there were changes by me but nothing relating to the PL as it still has the old PL, and yesterday I tried regenerating the link as suggested by Bart.

So the puzzle remains as to why some assets did not automatically inherit the new PL?

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Based on the last screenshot, the mekong-delta-tour page didn’t get that PL from the parent - that PL was explicitly set on mekong-delta-tour asset. To the best of my knowledge, at some point in the past that PL must have been specificaly set on that page.

The mystery isn’t “why are some pages not inheriting the new PL from the parent?”. The mystery is “Why did some pages have a PL explicitly set on them instead of just letting them inherit parent’s PL?”.

Paint Layout association is one of the few “inheritance shaped things” in Matrix which doesn’t involve any cascading - the inheritance is calculated at runtime based on the tree so it’s not possible for inherited paint layouts to get stuck like that. If you’ve got access to the database, I find looking at sq_ast_lookup_values helpful to keeping track of what is going on.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the info.

As I have stated all pages sit under single parent (/trips) and as you can see from the screenshot below for another product (River Kwai Mini Adeventure) the PL was set around the same time 13 Dec 2017.

This is pretty much identical for all our products and the subsecquent lookup info are all same as the site went through HTTP to HTTPS and Design File updates during the past 1 year. So all products has the same look up record.

If the PL was set explicitly set, the lookup record pattern would be different for Mekong but this is not the case. In addition there are only 3 people including myself only has admin acess and any big changes such as Design File, PL or any product layout change has to go through approval process, therefore explicit change like this never happens. Also it is not just this product that didn’t get the new PL, there were roughly 15-20 products from 120 that didn’t get the new PL.

Unforteunaly I don’t have access to the database.