Passing multiple get variables in a single keyword

(Erwin Strobel) #1


I am wondering if there is a way to pass multiple get variables through to an asset listing.
I’ve was thibnnking maybe using server side js:

e.g. the following works for a single variable (folderId):
var folderId = %asset_metadata_banner-folder%;
print(’%’ + ‘globals_asset_contents:3217426^with_get:banner=’ + folderId + ‘%’);

was hoping to achieve sending though two variables: folderId and layoutId withing the one keyword


(Harinder Singh) #2

You can do something like


I am not sure on how you can achieve this with SSJS. I was struggling with similar issue in past.

(Erwin Strobel) #3

Thank you so much,

was able to get it working with your suggestion :slight_smile:

<script runat="server">		            
var bannerID = %asset_metadata_banner-folder%
var number = %asset_metadata_layout_key%
print('%' + 'globals_asset_contents:3218704^with_get:banner=' + bannerID + '&layoutid=' + number + '%');

(John gill) #4

You should also be able to achieve this without SSJS by using the 5.4 version of the old ^replace_keywords modifier