Paypal gateway ppcrypto file

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Hi all,

Trying to setup a paypal payment gateway following this manual but can’t seem to find the ppcrypto file anywhere on the paypal developer site.

I searched through this forum where others found it but all the links to it are now invalid/broken (404).

Does anyone know a valid working link to it or where I can find it on the paypal developer site?



(Bart Banda) #2

See Luke’s comment from PPCrypto.php where to download?

Does that help?

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Its weird I looked on that site and on Github for the payments standard toolkit but can’t find it in the lib sub directory.

(Bart Banda) #4

Weird, can’t find it either actually. I did manage to find a PPCrypto file copy here though:

I’m assuming it’s the same file.

I wonder if this has been deprecated completely by paypal?

Or maybe you need to get it from here?

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Thanks Bart. It is strange I’ll contact Paypal and see what they say. Ill use the github file you linked to for now.



(Luke Wright) #7

Hi Tim,

If you saw my initial post, please ignore.

In this case, the Matrix documentation for the PayPal gateway is a little out-of-date, if you have version 5.1 (or or newer - for instance, you may notice that there’s no need to enter the path to PPCrypto.php in the PayPal Configuration asset anymore.

According to Squizmap #5394, the function provided by PPCrypto was merged into Matrix’s PayPal Button asset in version 5.1, so you no longer need the old PPCrypto.php file anymore.

Hope this helps.

Using a PayPal Payment Gateway - Encryption Library Path
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Excellent, thanks for the info Luke!