Remote Content Matrix Form


We have an external cloud hosted Matrix instance and Internal network instance sitting behind a firewall. Between both sites we share content (using the Cloud instance as the source) by using Remote Content Assets to avoid duplication.

Is there any issues associated with using Matrix forms in this manner? i.e. Form sits on Cloud Matrix instance and accessed on Internal instance via Remote Content Asset.

Being aware of caching and form nesting issues, I wanted to verify whether there’s any red flags with this approach or if there’s any alternate reliable ways to share forms across Matrix instances.

Appreciate any support with this query.

Matrix Version:5441

(Bart Banda) #2

It depends on your tunnelling settings I believe. So basically what the form’s action="" attribute is pointing to. If it’s pointing to the domain where the form was included from (the cloud instance), you might have issues with cross-domain form posting. But from my distant memory of remote content, you should be able to get that action attribute pointing to the same domain/url that your Remote Content asset is on, and then that form POST should be replicated server side to the source and the data of the response sent back up. But worth trying nevertheless to see what happens.


Thank you Bart. It all works currently with no issues, but I’ll investigate the tunnelling settings & forms action as you suggest in case any cross-domain issues crop up down the track.