Remote content: Use asset metadata field to set Remote URL

(Robin Bilney) #1


Is it possible to nest a Remote Content asset into a paint layout and have the Remote URL field populated by another page’s metadata field?

I can get the Remote Content asset to work fine by manually entering in a URL into the Remote URL field. But if I try to put in a keyword - say %asset_metadata_page.url% or %globals_asset_metadata_page.url% - it returns with Content cannot be accessed.

I’m on v5.4.0.1.


(Bart Banda) #2

Haven’t tried that myself, but maybe try using a REST JS asset instead? They are far more flexible than the Remote Content page and definitely work with dynamic global keywords.

(Robin Bilney) #3

Thanks Bart, that’s worked perfectly - just had to write a bit of code to get the start/end tag functionality of the remote content asset to work with the REST asset.

(Tom Stringer) #4

We’ve just encountered this too, and while the JS REST Resource asset does the trick for the initial load, it doesn’t give us the tunneling functions of the Remote Content asset that we need.

Is there any way to dynamically populate the Remote URL field using metadata (that question wasn’t quite answered…)?

(Bart Banda) #5

Doesn’t look like it I’m afraid. But you could potentially point the Remote content asset at the REST asset and proxy it that way?

I’ve added that as a feature request to our roadmap tool: