Search page stored search - change sort

(Lisa) #1

Hi, has anyone had any luck with changing the sort order of a stored search when nesting a Search Page asset?

I have a Search Page that lists articles with stored searches for Category and Region metadata fields, with different options for sorting. So far, all good - this all works.
But I want different sort orders depending where the search page is nested, e.g. one listing sorted by name, another sorted by relevance. I’ve tried passing the search_page_XXXXX_sort_by parameter but it doesn’t seem to be recognised.

I’m nesting the Search page two different ways - one as Nested Content container, and another using globals_asset_contents_raw^with_get. For both ways the lists are filtered by the metadata fields fine, but I can’t seem to change the sort order.

Any suggestions?

(Bart Banda) #2

In the additional Get parameters on the nested content container, I could get it to work if I passed the submit button GET var as well as the sort directions:


Does that help?

(Lisa) #3

Oh, awesome. Thanks Bart. I’ll give that a try.